Mansion Renovation

Nestled in New Jersey, this stately mansion stands as a testament to expansive living and grandeur. Its rich history and opulent architecture provided the perfect foundation for an awe-inspiring transformation.

Originally, the mansion boasted a modest kitchen and a service area. To breathe new life into these spaces, we merged them to create a seamless kitchen-dining area, enhancing functionality while preserving the mansion’s structural integrity. Additionally, the original fireplace in the sunroom remained a focal point, now modernized to complement the elegant living room.

Ascending to the second floor, four bedrooms awaited, one of which harbored untapped potential. With thoughtful design, we converted this space into a luxurious 5-fixture ensuite bathroom, elevating the mansion’s allure. Meanwhile, the existing general bathroom underwent a rejuvenation, trading its old tub for a sleek shower. Notably, an antique freestanding tub found new life, adding charm to a newly minted fifth bedroom.

Situated in a prime corner of an emerging area, just 25 minutes by train from bustling NYC, the mansion’s allure extended beyond its walls. The revitalized two-car garage, a nod to its storied past, completed the picture of sophistication.

Both inside and out, warm grays and whites set a timeless backdrop, while accents of dark grays and vibrant hues added depth and character.

In the realm of design, lighting reigns supreme. Each fixture, carefully selected and placed, served as an emblem of elegance and sophistication. From statement chandeliers to subtle sconces, every light source played a pivotal role in illuminating the mansion’s grandeur.

The culmination of our renovation ended with resounding success—a record-breaking sale that underscored the timeless appeal of this magnificent mansion. As a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, this renovation stands as a beacon of luxury and refinement in the heart of New Jersey.